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An SEO tool with a free option that lets you undercover the top ranking pages in Google and why they might be ranking so well! This SERP analyzer offers 10 free scrapes a month and affordable pay as you go pricing.

What Is thruuu?

thruuu is a SERP scraper that will help you better understand the top ranking competitor pages and what they are doing that is making them rank well.

There are a few different ways you can use thruuu as you can see below.

  • Topic Research: Find some relevant topics and trends and your industry as well as top content from your competitors to gather new content ideas.
  • Analysis: Find what your competition is writing about that you are not. Finding those content gaps can help you tremendously when it comes to beating your competitors.
  • Stronger Content: create more in-depth content based on your competitor findings and keyword research.

thruuu Features

thruuu has several features to help you improve your content.

Find most asked questions and related searches

  • Ability to export data to Excel
  • Compare the keyword density of the headings, title tags and meta descriptions
  • Find word counts for content
  • Check last updated date, whether featured snippets exist and other data from SERP results
  • Receive an overview of each top ranking page in the SERP’s for your niche

There are a variety of options available to select from when you do a scrape.

  • Country options including Great Britain, Japan, France, US, Czech Republic, Vietnam, Brazil, Spain, Russia and Poland.
  • Local options allows you to view local SERP results
  • Search engine options allow you to choose a country specific Google results
  • Language option so you can choose your language
  • Number of SERP results to scrape option so you can control how many pages to search
  • Select mobile or desktop
  • Page performance allows you to see the Page Speed Insights to compare against

You can also save your filter settings so you have a default setting to work with.

Using thruuu

The first thing you need to do is go to the scraper page and enter the details for your scrape requests.

Once on the page you will enter the following:

  • Enter your keyword phrase
  • Choose the country you would like the tool to scrape from
  • Select a location if you are working on local
  • Choose your preferred search engine
  • Choose a language
  • Select the number of results to scrape
  • Choose a device – desktop or mobile
  • If you would like to see the page performance of the top pages check the page performance box
  • Click scrape the SERP
sample thruuu serp analysis entry

thruuu Results

Once you enter the keyword or phrase you want to run a scrape for you will be taken to your results page.

The results page has several tabs along the top that all hold different items for you to use to analyze the data of the top organic listings for the keyword you entered. I will go over each below.


The results tab delivers an overview of the top pages that you can view in a card or table view.

The card view you can click an arrow to open the content and see everything on the page from how many words are on the page to the top topics on the page.

thruuu card view

The table view is a good overview of the pages so you can easily scan and see the averages of headings, words, images and more.

thruuu table view


The topics tab helps you see all the keywords and phrases used within the top 10 listings. It allows you to filter by 1 word, 2 words or 3 words and offers an overview and per page detail. It offers insight into how often a term is used on a page as well as in the overall top 10 so you can determine how to include the terms in your content.

Clicking the see in pages button gives you a birds eye view of a pages content and how they are using that keyword or topic in the content.

thruuu topics results


See the title tags of the top ranking pages and find out if Google is rewriting it. You can also see the frequency of usage of keywords and topics within the titles.

thruuu title serp analysis

Heading 1 & Heading 2

View the header tags that are used on the top ranking pages. Header 1 tags are the page titles and you can see the keywords or topics used within those.

Header 2 tags are used within the content and you can see what the top pages are using and how many they are using on a page.


The description tab shows the meta description and will let you see if Google is using what the page has written or if they changed it. This can help you write a more relevant meta description that Google might actually use!

thruuu meta description analysis

Related Search

This tab will showcase any related searches and queries that appear at the bottom of the search results page. Useful for adding content to the page that is relevant to what people are asking.


Pulls from “people also ask” and are questions that are relevant to the original keyword search. Recommend adding these questions to your content when you can.

thruuu Pricing

thruuu offers a pay as you go pricing structure which means you get what you can afford!

Below is the current options available:

  • Free – 10 credits per month
  • 20 credits are $10
  • 100 credits are $20
  • 500 credits are $50

Your credits get rolled over month to month so you will not lose them. Each scrape you do of a SERP will cost you one credit. The 10 free monthly scrapes that are offered do not role over – so use those before they expire each month!


Get 10 free credits today!

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